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Juvenile Justice Resources


The Youth Rights Network

The Youth Rights Network is intended to serve as an encyclopedic resource detailing aspects of youth rights, including core issues, history, publications, organizations and prominent figures within the movement.  It is a law library, archive of publications, history, issues including age, discrimination, and school issues.  It encourages youth to author articles.  It's like Wikipedia for youth rights.

Free Child

This site connects young people and adults to the tools, training and technical assistance they need to change the world.  It has sections for issues, actions, special resources and training and technical assistance.  It has a section that discusses ephebiphobia (fear of youth)!

Financial Aid Assistance for Students from Foster Care

Providing Effective Financial Aid Assistance to Students from Foster care and Unaccompanied Homeless Youth: A Key to Higher Education Access and Success.  This document has helpful information for children who are leaving foster care and are in need of financial assistance to attend college.

Rock the Vote!

Their mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country.

Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions

Organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the legal civil rights of youth.  They fight for voting age, curfew laws and other laws that limit the freedom of young people.  It is the oldest continuously operating youth rights group in the US.